The G-TOP Opto manufacturing facility covers an area of 4000. Each step of production, starting from raw materials delivery undergoes quality testing by our assurance department. The first step in production is to complete the patch work on the PCB board using the SMT machine, which is a high-performance and high-precision unit that ensures the quality and accuracy of the finished product; The next step involves screwing in the module, which is important for the solid construction of the display units. The screw machine in the workshop is an automated piece of equipment and can process 300 square meters of product accessories per day;6_manufacturingAfter sorting the completed modules, outdoor display products require a glue stage process before they can be completed;6_manufacturingFinally, the entire screen can be assembled. The production of the box and control panel is divided into two parts, and performed rapidly in two respective production lines. Each step, and each post has a quality assurance staff member in charge in order to effectively trace each link of the production to ensure the safety and efficiency of production.

Due to the high degree of product precision demanded for LED display products,6_manufacturingthe aging test of the entire screen, splicing precision of all the boxes, flatness of the mask and the overall usage of the lamp must be tested after all of the products have been assembled. The products cannot be delivered until they are fully qualified through at least 48 hours of aging testing. There is someone to inspect and record the status of the screen and any potential problems every one to two hours.

Production workshop

The work shop reintroduced several advanced SMT equipment sets, which makes the welding positions directly exposing to the laser beam. And the welding positions absorb the light energy into thermal energy to heat itself and melt the solder. These specialized equipment sets accomplish the production of patch and light stick, etc. on the PCB board

  • SMT machine
  • The machine is automatically patching on the PCB board

Screw installation workshop
The workshop covers an area of 500 square meters, and introduces several advances screw machines, which save manpower and improve production speed.

The first step of production is lamp stick, IC stick on PCB board through SMT machine. After finishing the patch work, it should be screw up on the screw machine. 300 square meters of product accessories can be finished every day.

  • Screw machine fixed
  • Equipment automatically complete the process of screws on the plate

The equipment can clearly show every screw position on the plate, and it is not only convenient for testing, and is also useful for real time monitoring.

  • NC display screen

The equipment has accurate positioning, high-precision and small run error: using double layer linear slide rail and high precision balancing device, adopting imported motor, PLC, touch screen, design electronic component, wiring, dustproof, antistatic system according to national standard; select imported gear pumps, the gum exudation of which can reach 1.2cc/r, to prevent glue breaking in time, and the pumps are equipped with glue monitor to prevent the failure of glue due to B glue breaking.

  • Gumming
  • Glue filling machine
  • Gummed screen

Assembly shop
This workshop has 2 production lines, and is mainly used to assemble the display box. Employees assemble circuit board, socket, connecting hole, etc. according to requirements of different product types. Employees of different workshop section will also be adjusted according to the requirements of the orders.

The operation of personnel is with better control for the steps are connected to each other and can monitor each other.

  • Electrical assembly line
  • Accessory handling
  • Electrical accessories
  • Products to be tested

The warehouse of the company is set according to the production process. There is a temporary placement area in assembly shop and aging shop respectively, specially placing treated boxes. After finishing daily work, the boxes should be checked and maintained.

  • Warehouse

This lab is equipped with advanced testing equipment to test every produced screen. We check the status of every light at high temperatures in source materials of different colors, resolving power and effects to get a real test report and improve the persuasiveness of the product.

  • High temperature test room

The products can’t be delivered until there is no problem through at least 48 hours of aging test. There must be someone to inspect and record the status of the screen and the problems every one or two hours.

  • Screen testing
  • Performance test for more than 24 hours

After all the products are assembled, the aging test of the entire screen should be carried out. Turn electricity on, test if the actual effect is up to standard in different colors; test the splicing precision of all the boxes, the flatness of the mask and the overall performance of the lamp.

  • QA department performs video color proofreading
  • Inspection before packing

The products of our company are all special fragile products, purchaser will inevitably transport often in use. Considering this, our company cooperates with professional box handling company, specially formulates air handling box that meets the product scale to increase the safety of our product.

  • Special customized box packing
  • Product packaging
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